Orivet genetic testing can determine the breed mix of a crossbreed pet and can identify genetic traits including carrier genes for a large range of inherited diseases in purebred or mixed breed pets. The kit contains swabs for collection from the cheek of the pet at home by the owner. The information gained about the genetic disease status of the pet is invaluable so that clinical signs can be detected early in the disease presentation and any preventative measures or treatment started early to help prolong the life of the pet.

You can now get DNA tests for your pet that will be linked to your Medechat account.

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Your dog has a voice and you can finally hear it. PetPace health collars are waterproof and track the activity and vital signs of pets at home and alerts you when something is wrong. They can be used post surgery to monitor pain levels or for canine or feline patients with chronic conditions like heart problems or arthritis.

You can now get this activity tracking linked to your Medechat account.

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WirelessZoo is a non-invasive, wireless, wearable technology designed specifically for the needs of animals and vets, reducing the need for wired monitoring systems and regular physical checks. Live biometric data; heart rate, SP02 and temperature, is sent wirelessly to a cloud-based portal and can be viewed on any internet-connected screen or device – enabling the veterinary team to monitor multiple patients safely, continuously and accurately. 24/7 monitoring made easy with WirelessZoo.

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