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Convenience for pet owners, flexibility for Vets and additional income for you.

Pet owners will appreciate having access to low cost professional advice from their regular veterinarians.

Your vets will appreciate the flexibility of being able to work from home at times that suit them with safer after hours services if provided.

You’ll appreciate the increase in income from consultations on-line and in-clinic and the low entry cost of the Medechat platform.







How does it work?

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Booking & Confirmation

The pet owner books a video consultation from times allocated by you through a widget on your website. Payment is collected at completion of the consultation through Medechat. Vet and pet owner receive a confirmation of the time.

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Video Consultation

Both join the consultation at the agreed time and the pet is examined by the Vet during the video chat. The Vet completes a treatment plan which is sent to your practice e-mail for attachment or copy to your PMS.

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Treatment Plan

The pet owner is emailed a summary and a follow up appointment is made if required in-clinic or via Medechat. A voucher may be issued to offset the cost if an in-clinic examination is then required.

Get on board with Medechat and help raise funds for RSCPA Victoria

Medechat is donating 40c from every teleconsult on the Medechat platform to the RSPCA Victoria. Improve the health and well being of your vets and help the RSPCA at the same time with Medechat.

Medechat - official RSPCA Business Supporter

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Keep your clients asking your vets for advice.

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