The Medechat Platform

Return on investment

  1. Initial Set Up Fee (*FREE Now*)

    For all Vet practices in Australia - register now for our COVID-19 special pricing = FREE.

    Includes FREE practice manager user, user training, unlimited local on-line and phone support plus Marketing Kit

  2. Monthly Veterinarian Registration Fee

    $0 / Vet or Registered Vet Nurse / Month

    Unlimited Users for FREE

  3. Monthly Software Access Fee

    FREE trial for 1 month then $100 + GST / month.

    Minimum contract is 12 months. Opt out with no penalty anytime within the first 3 months.

    Includes all updates, enhanced feature upgrades, technical support and marketing help

  4. Scale your Vet Practice

    In your general vet practice growing your business income also involves growing expenses (staff levels, equipment, infrastructure, drug costs, etc). Medechat enables you to scale your practice (increase income dramatically with very little expenditure) by utilising your existing staff and no additional equipment or infrastructure costs. Get paid for your knowledgeable advice!

Earn >$5000 income per month from just 3 video consults per day at $60 (+GST) per consult.

1 standard video exam per week pays the monthly fee including an >200% profit margin based on a nominal charge of $60 (+ GST) per video consult.

*Currency is Australian dollars. Please contact Medechat for pricing in other currencies.

*Medechat Monthly Fee returns direct income/profit compared to expense on marketing modalities like Facebook/Google advertising; SEO/Hubspot analysis; e-mail newsletters; other sponsorship; expensive equipment; etc. These modalities however, can be used to promote video consultations to pet owners.

More Profit for your Practice

Get on board with Medechat and help raise funds for RSCPA Victoria

Medechat is donating 40c from every teleconsult on the Medechat platform to the RSPCA Victoria. Improve the health and well being of your vets and help the RSPCA at the same time with Medechat.

Medechat - official RSPCA Business Supporter

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