The Medechat Platform

Return on investment

  1. Initial Set Up Fee

    One time only

    $1,650 + GST
    Includes FREE admin user

  2. Annual Veterinarian Registration Fee

    $195 + GST
    Per consulting vet

    ** Intro Special ** $0 for all vets <31-12-19

  3. Monthly Software Access Fee

    $595 + GST

    Includes all updates, enhanced feature upgrades, technical support and product marketing.

  4. Potential Monthly Income

    $3,640 Video Consultations*

    - $ 595 Monthly Fee*

    = $3,045 Profit

Setup Fee of $1,650 is recouped in first month!

*$3,640 potential income is based on 3 video consults per day at $40 (+GST) per consult.

*4 standard video exams per week pays the monthly fee based on a nominal charge of $44 (inc GST) per video consult.

*Medechat Monthly Fee returns direct income/profit compared to expense on marketing modalities like Facebook/Google advertising; SEO/Hubspot analysis; e-mail newsletters; sponsorship of local clubs/charities, etc. These modalities can be used to promote video consultations to pet owners.