Don't let your clients go to a different practice

Join Medechat Premium and divert your calls during busy periods and after hours to the qualified VetCheck 24/7 Vet Nurses. They will triage your clients problem and resolve it themselves, refer them to VetCheck for a video consultation or send them directly to your preferred emergency clinic. It's the after hours service trusted by practices across Australia.

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How does it work?

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Sign up for Medechat Premium which includes Medechat for your practice to take video appointments plus prescription templates and also access to the VetCheck 24/7 service.

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Set-Up for Medechat

You’ll have your own unique link to the Medechat platform. The team will help you set-up Medechat if you will be using it for your own vets to have consultations.

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Set-Up for VetCheck 24/7

If you will only be using Medechat for VetCheck 24/7, you can be up and running straight away. The team will supply the link for your clients to make bookings.

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Client Communication

Medechat provides a range of materials for you to communicate both services to your clients. Your clients can pre-register ready for when they need a vet.

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Your clients can book an appointment at one of the available times set by your vets or with VetCheck meaning that there is always appointments available with your practice.

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On-going Care

Call summaries and appointment notes and forward care is referred back to your clinic. You even choose where they should go in case of an after hours emergency.

Alleviate the pressure on your staff

Medechat Pricing


Let VetCheck ease the pressure

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Easy for clients to book an appointment
Clients can call a dedicated support line for assistance
All notes and ongoing care and follow-ups are e-mailed back to you
Tools provided to help you communicate the service to clients
Take the pressure off your vets and vet nurses