Simple, Easy to Use and Compliant

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Schedule video consultations at any time that suits the practice workflow. Staff can work from home at times that are more convenient for them. Available appointment times are managed by you.

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The Medechat widget on your practice website allows previously registered pet owners at your practice to easily schedule video consults with your vets. They can also access the service via the FREE VetCheck app. Vet and pet owner receive a text or email confirming the time.

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At the scheduled time, the consulting vet and the pet owner join the session. The pet is examined by the Vet during the video chat. Payments are made securely through the platform by credit card.

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Storing of Data

The Vet completes a history template (customisable to your preference) which is e-mailed to your practice admin for attachment or copy into the patient file in your PMS. The video consultation is recorded and archived.

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Treatment Plan

The pet owner is emailed a summary and a follow up appointment is made if required in-clinic or via Medechat. If a clinic visit is required, a voucher may be issued to offset the cost of an in-clinic examination within a specified time.

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A video consultation can never replace a hands-on examination of an ill or injured pet, but it can be useful for assessing remote patients, triage after hours as well as behaviour, skin and post surgery consultations. It could be a vital tool to maintain income during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Consult in real time
Treat patients remotely
Instant messaging

Benefits to Pet Owners & Vet Clinics

  • Convenient for pet owners encouraging more frequent check ups.
  • Sign up every client to utilise for in-house marketing.
  • Attract and retain vets by having more flexible working hours.
  • Utilise vet nurse consultations for following up healthcare programs.
  • Reduced costs as no cleaning or disinfecting is required.
  • Use waiting time to advertise products or promotions.
  • Reception staff can focus on in-clinic clients, not on bookings.
  • No risk of bite or scratch injuries, allergic or chemical reactions.
  • No physical presence required to minimise COVID-19 transmission risk.
  • Recorded video consultations can be used for training staff.
  • Video consults can be promoted as part of a pet wellness plan.
  • Increase income from consultations on-line.