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The future of veterinary medicine is here

Dr Moss Siddle

There is a crisis in the veterinary industry worldwide. There are record levels of disenchantment soon after graduation, rates of suicide 4x the level of the general population, stressful work environments, demanding pet owners, inflexible and long working hours plus low rates of comparative professional pay.

Dr Moss Siddle, and Australian Vet, has set out to deliver a reliable, functional and user-friendly platform for progressive veterinarians / specialists and customers (pet owners / GP veterinarians) to communicate and consult. Medechat may help to reduce a lot of the pressures encountered as a working vet and/or business owner.

Currently video consultation vets (overseas) are affiliated with insurance companies and are bypassing the regular vets of pet owners. A video consultation can never replace hands-on examination of an ill or injured pet, but Medechat will be useful for assessing remote patients unable to access a veterinarian in person and offers staff flexible hours or work from home.

It will also enable pet owners convenient access to low cost professional advice, drive clinic visits and prevent clients from seeking independent video consultation or advice from Dr Google!

Dr Moss Siddle started working in outback Australia as a cattle and horse vet in 1992. He then worked in the UK for 3 years in various large and small animal practices before establishing Dandenong Ranges Veterinary Centre in the beautiful eastern outskirts of Melbourne, Australia. With the advent of smartphones Dr Moss produced a free pet care app in 2012 called VetCheck which has over 10,000 installations. Medechat is how Dr Moss sees the future of veterinary medicine.

Dr Moss is also the current chair of the AVA Veterinary Business Group.